• Amadress 2‐ Tirana factory is a branch of Amadress –shpk,Berat registered as

secondary address in Commercial Register of Business.The factory is located in a

valley near the artificial Lake of Tirana, in the first floor of a private Building,

property of Amadress and its partners, named Liqeni I thate, province of Farke, in

jurisdictional of Tirana Municipality.

• The activity of the factory, its documents and the employees are managed by the

main administration office in AMADRESS, Berat.

• The cutting process and the preparation of accessories are all made by Amadress

Berat, the transport is organized with a Mercedes Van more than twice per week.

• The communication between 2 factories is made by telephone, email and skype.

• Amadress Amadress Tirana have full support support of Amadress Amadress Berat .

• In the first floor which is approximately 600 m2 are placed 4 Production Lines

from which currently 2 double Lines are functional with 60 employees from

those 46 are Tailors and 14 are for different work process : 2Responsible person

for both lines , mechanic ,Button machines, Warehouse, Special machines, Quality

Control Garment cutting, etc….the basement floor which is not functional yet will

be used for Wardrobe, warehouse ,eating areas for employees and doctor Room

connected with an inside lift with the first floor.