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All product and service solutions are tailored to our customers`specific needs and rented out under service contracts.

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Our experience stretches across all industries, and we currently have the capacity to produce 2500-3000 garment units per daily shift. In total our actual capacity of production is 5000-6000 garment units per day.  With Ama-Dress, you can rest assured that no matter what industry

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"Responsibility for ongoing development There is a lot of talk about responsibility in the supply chain. “But we are actively involved in ensuring precisely this on a daily basis,” stressed Dirk Baykal, CSR coordinator at CWS-boco. “We work on-site with our suppliers around the world and help them to develop further if necessary.” After all, a sustainable supply chain is much more than just a code of conduct. “Although we do have such a code in place and compliance with it is checked by external auditors, we do not leave our suppliers to implement this on their own,” explained Mr Baykal. Many partners are not always aware of the requirements which result from this code. Mr Baykal explained CWS-boco’s role as follows: “Should a partner fail an audit, we work closely together with this partner. We draw up action plans together and help to implement these with the aim of ensuring that the partner passes the next audit.” Our partner AMA-Dress in the Albanian town of Berat is a good example of this successful approach"

− CWS-boco

"AMA-Dress has been sewing workwear for boco since
2012. All the necessary components such as materials,
buttons and zips are supplied. In mid-2013, AMADress
underwent its first audit to ensure compliance
with the code of conduct. The results showed that
there was a need for improvement in various areas.
A joint action plan was drawn up into which AMADress
invested significant time and energy. And the
hard work paid off: Just one year later all the planned
measures had been implemented and the follow-up
audit in 2014 was passed with flying colours. AMADress
now has an electronic system for timekeeping.
An emergency plan has been developed and checked
by the local authorities. Moreover, the operation has
improved communication between management and
staff and appointed an employee who is responsible
for ensuring adherence the code.
“We are proud of this successful cooperation
and the excellent progress AMA-Dress has made,” "

− Mr Baykal